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What we do

MBC as a strategic partner of Arbinger provides training, consulting, coaching, and implementation tools that move individuals, teams, and organizations from the default self-focus we call an inward mindset to the results focus of an outward mindset. Arbinger's programs and methodology are based on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation, and more than 35 years of experience working with organizations worldwide.

How we are different

Most training and consulting solutions attempt to improve results by helping people adopt new behaviors. Most of these approaches do not achieve the desired results because they fail to go far enough. That is, they try to change behavior without changing what drives behavior: mindset. Without a change in mindset, newly adopted behaviors won’t stick and results will suffer. Arbinger is the world leader in transforming mindset. They uniquely work at a level others acknowledge but are unequipped to change.

Our process

Our work with you begins with an analysis of your current situation—as an individual, team, or entire enterprise—and an assessment of where and how an inward mindset is getting in the way of results. Then, together, we identify key metrics, establish a baseline of performance from which to measure progress towards results, and set specific target objectives. We then assist you in selecting the programs, tools, and services that will enable you to shift mindset and behavior; and will continue working with you until you meet your objectives.

Our outcomes

By facilitating the development of the outward mindset, Arbinger is able to directly reduce the massive human cost in organizations. This is because the outward mindset creates an organizational culture that engages people and reduces friction. The results include lower employee turnover, seamless communication and decision-making, and greater profitability. By accelerating collaboration, Arbinger enables organizations to significantly reduce waste and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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