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MBC can help employers to advertise their positions for school-based trainees with their local school VET co-ordinators.  

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs) allow students to work as paid employees and obtain nationally recognised qualifications, all while at school. 

The workplace skills and confidence they gain during their SAT provide a solid foundation for any career.

Some of the advantages of school-based apprenticeships and traineeships include:

More flexibility and variety
The variety provided by SATs can have enormous benefits for young people who prefer hands-on learning to traditional schooling pathways.

Head start in a career
Young people employed as school-based apprentices and trainees develop workplace skills, knowledge and confidence and have a competitive edge when applying for jobs. A SAT can lead directly to full-time employment once a student has left school.

Nationally recognised qualifications
All school-based apprentices and trainees participate in vocational training that contributes to a Certificate II, III or higher vocational qualification which can count towards the student's Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

An opportunity to learn and earn
School-based apprentices and trainees are paid while they learn workplace skills, gain confidence, and adapt to a work environment. It gives the student the opportunity to put skills learnt at school into practice in a real work environment.

Contributing to the community
Employers who take on school-based apprentices and trainees can make a real difference by motivating young people to work towards their future goals and giving them a realistic exposure to your industry or sector.

Employer satisfaction
Employers and supervisors often experience a great deal of satisfaction during the process as they help individuals mould new skills and gain confidence in a work environment.

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