Behaviour Drives Results, but Mindset Drives Behaviours

Jul 25 2016 0 Comments

In most organizations, the lever leaders pull when they’re trying to change things is the behavioral lever only. The problem with that is that, although behaviors drive results, mindset actually drives behaviors. If you don’t shift the mindset from which current behaviors are arising, you end up getting resistance to potential change efforts. People will snap back to their old ways.

With an outward mindset, that all changes. In an organizational context, I know I’m part of a collective—we’re all trying to fire toward a particular result. It’s incumbent on me to do my role, but I have to do it in a way that helps the people around me to be able to succeed at their roles too. I can only pull that off if I’m working with an outward mindset. If I’m acting with an inward mindset, I end up competing with others and getting in people’s way, even when I’m not intending to...."

Read the full article here at https://arbinger.com/blog/jim-ferrell-interview-talent-development-magazine/.

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